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Trustia Corporation is a trading company that deals with small and medium-sized materials and equipment for developing countries in its ODA (Official Development Assistance) business.
The safe and accurate delivery of materials needed by developing countries to developing countries is an international social contribution, and we are part of that.
Our company intends to develop a new world wide business while clearing trade and logistics issues one by one, utilizing the connections and logistics know-how we have cultivated so far.
One of the trials is our EC site [JB SHOP] specializing in disaster preparedness related products. Abnormal weather that strikes the entire planet, many people face danger. Disaster preparedness products born and active in Japan can save and protect lives on a global scale.
In the future, we will enhance our multifaceted proposals and support system, aiming to serve domestic and foreign companies that are active in cross-country business. Please consult us.

トラスティア株式会社 代表取締役 遠山和行

Kazuyuki Toyama

Company Profile

Representative Kazuyuki Toyama, President
Address Yakou Building 7F, 4-20-11 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016 JAPAN
TEL +81 (0)3-3834-3145
FAX +81 (0)3-6240-1868
Established Mar. 14, 2012
Capital 10 million yen
Business Content 1. Procurement and delivery of materials and equipment for official development assistance (ODA) to developing countries
2. Procurement and delivery of materials and equipment for the earthquake reconstruction project
3. Development and operation of JB SHOP (Japan Bosai Shop)-New business
4. Consulting and support for overseas business planning for SMEs
Primarily Dealing Items 1. PC & Accessories and peripheral devices, Office equipment, Machine tools, Telecommunication device, Electronic measuring instrument, Measuring machine, Physical and chemical science equipment, Optical equipment, Medical equipment, Precision instrument, Precision machine tool, Agricultural implement and machinery, Fishery/marine equipment, Marine leisure equipment.
2. Vehicle, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Special purpose vehicle, Construction machinery, Boat & ships.
3. Food, Spirits, Alcohol, Alcoholic beverage, Hydrogen-rich water, Seeds, Dressing, Feeds, Feed additive.
4. Measuring apparatus, Secondhand, Men’s apparel, Ladies’ dress, Clothing item, Sport gear, Convenience goods, disaster preparedness products.
Licentiate Sales certification for specially controlled medical device, No.4501061300022
Secondhand dealer certification No. 306601308743 (issued by Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission)
Affiliated organizations ・Executive member of Japan Bosai Platform (JBP)
・Director member of Risk and Life
・Study Group on the Systematization of the Disaster Preparedness Business Market at the University of Tokyo (RC77)
・Earthquake Bulletin Overseas Spread Association


Procurement and delivery of materials and equipment for official development assistance (ODA) 

We procure materials and equipment (equipment, fixtures, equipment, consumables, etc. related to medical care, agriculture, education, lifesaving, disaster preparedness, etc.) required by ODA project support countries in Japan and to facilities in other countries We are engaged in export and import operations. So far, we have delivered a wide variety of Japanese products to about 30 countries. The company‘s strength lies in the procurement of medical equipment and materials, and its mission is to ensure payment to countries with different laws and regulations. We are also responsible for technical training on site with the cooperation of manufacturers.


Procurement and delivery of materials and equipment for disaster recovery projects

There is a disaster recovery project for the Great East Japan Earthquake in the process of establishing our company. As part of Tohoku support activities, various specialized equipment was procured from both domestic and overseas, and delivered and installed at each school so that specialized schools in agriculture, fisheries and industry in Tohoku could resume classes as soon as possible. (October 2011 to September 2016).
The first step in reconstruction is to deliver what the people who live in the disaster area need as soon as possible. We will continue to build manufacturers and distribution networks that can respond quickly to constant disasters both in Japan and overseas.


Development and operation of JB SHOP (Japan Bosai Shop)-New business

JB SHOP is the world‘s first online store specializing in disaster preparedness related products. With overseas (+ domestic) companies, local governments, medical / education institutions, etc. as main customers, we will introduce and sell high-quality and diverse disaster-related products in Japan. In addition, this service will be widely disseminated to overseas countries as a cooperation / recommended project of the Japan Bosai Platform (JBP).
The diverse and high-quality products that are active in Japan are the world-renowned Japanese brands. However, these manufacturers have many small and medium-sized businesses and venture companies, and cannot expand their sales channels overseas. JB SHOP supports these companies. We believe that Japan’s disaster preparedness products can protect and help people around the world.


Business consultancy and support with companies from around the world and Japanese companies

ODA support projects have shifted to SMEs such as “SDGs Business Support Projects”. In addition, the Japan Bosai Platform, to which we belong, gathers people and information related to disaster prevention from around the world. We can make effective use of these systems and networks. Please help us promote your new business plan.
We are also building a strong business network especially with Indonesia. It will be further deepened in the future. Please contact us if you are interested in Japan.

Produce overseas transportation

We have the know-how to deliver any product to any location with over 30 years of experience and track record,

Deliver any product

Deliver various products such as large equipment, medical equipment, precision equipment, vehicles and reagents.

Deliver to anywhere in the world

Coordinates air routes, routes, and land routes to verify and propose safe and reliable transportation routes. Delivered to your designated location anywhere in the world.

Deliver safely and reliably

Manage overseas transportation processes from domestic warehouses to destinations, such as understanding delivery locations and installation environments, managing temporary storage warehouses, calculating transportation costs and customs duties, inspection at transit points, customs clearance procedures, etc.

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